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Automotive Environmental Communication - Mightycomm

Mightycomm specializes in automotive environmental communications strategy

Sometimes the road ahead can seem a little stormy. At Mightycomm, we’re accustomed to letting our friends know when it might be time to come in out of the rain.

Mightycomm specializes in automotive environmental communications, public relations, government relations, media relations and communications strategy. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Automotive Technology
  • Advanced Energy Technology
  • Land Use Communications
  • Environmental Communications
  • High Technology
  • California Political Issues
  • Regulatory and Public Affairs

What makes us unique is our blend of government, regulatory and media savvy with a deep background in environmental causes and indisputable auto expertise. Unlike most public relations, government relations and lobbying firms, we truly understand the automotive world, especially the new world of clean diesels, hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, ultra-clean gasoline drivetrains and all the "alternative" fuels.

We know what we’re doing, our clients appreciate it, and that’s why they win. And why they don’t mind when we suggest they might want to get their heads out of the clouds.